PSWC Architects is an architectural design firm serving the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada area. The highly experienced team at PSWC specializes in all aspects of commercial architecture and construction and is committed to providing the highest degree of design quality while maintaining a trusted and respectful relationship with our clients.

As a leading architectural firm in both healthcare and educational facility design, PSWC architects also has a strong understanding of the approval and procedural processes required by state and local governments during the design and construction phases. At PSWC Architects we work closely with our clients to ensure that all design parameters and deadlines are properly met.

PSWC Architects takes pride in our ability to thoughtfully plan, design and transform our clients needs into creative and functional buildings. PSWC is committed to seeing all projects through from start to completion and our team is always available to support any questions or client concerns.  For additional information or to discuss your architectural design needs in further detail please contact our Las Vegas, NV office at 702-259-0111.

“Our success lies in our people, a group of skilled designers and technicians building relationships through creative design, effective communication, and common vision.”